History still haunts the walls of 23 Club back in the days when the town, now known as Brisbane, earned the reputation of being a haven for lawlessness.  Old canvasses hang on the wall delineating the gruesome past when bourbon and blood poured freely like it was normal and as natural as rainfall. Stories are told that drunkards would gamble and bet their fingers, then  lose, then cut them off right on the bar counter. Ears would get bitten off from brawls, back then when fighting was considered an art form.

Ghosts of legends past also share the walls of 23.  The voices of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis and other music legends echo throughout this rough wooden structure. They all have performed live and in person in this world famous venue and a collection of autographed pictures hangs on the wall to commemorate the presence and the legacy these music giants left behind.

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The 23 Club legacy continues.
23 Visitacion Avenue, Brisbane, CA 94005    see map      |      415-467-7717     |     services@brisbane23club.com    |            
Built by John DeMarco in 1941, 23 Club is a personification of the history of Brisbane and the house itself has been a touchstone of Western American musical culture.
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Kuku Band
Saturday, March 29
The Legendary T.B. Slick Revue 
Saturday, April 12
For more information about ticketing click here.
Bubbles on FIre Burlesque and Magic Show for March 29 has been postponed and moved on April 19.
Bubbles on Fire Burlesque
and Magic Show
Saturday, April 19
Saturday, April 12
The Legendary TB Slick Revue was formed by vocalist and  rhythm   guitarist
John "Johnny Oklahoma" Eppstein and lead   guitarist/multiinstrumentalist   Bob
Clic in July 2009 to play the kind of music that Johhny grew up with during his childhood in Norman, Oklahoma in the 1950s and 60s. The band's country roots became emphasized over the following years and changes in personnel, settling on the lineup of bassist   Lawrence   Goodwin     (a fellow
Oklahoman) and drummer Rich Gold in 2012.    The   addition   of      pedal steel
guitarist Ted Garber in 2014 completes the current lineup.
The band is in the final stages of completing its first album with a
projected release date in the fall of 2014.